Books on Monday – Return to Elm Creek

This week we are back to Elm Creek with Return To Elm Creek: More Quilt Projects Inspired by the Elm Creek Quilts Novels by Jennifer Chiaverini. And, as usual, the links below are Amazon Affiliate links.

Like the book I reviewed last time, this book is set up with the quilts arranged by the book in which they appear and Ms. Chiaverinii also tells how each of these quilts came to be in those books. Once again this book contains twelve quilt patterns. Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler is included in here, but it is a much simpler version than the one in the full book which I reviewed here.

The book starts with a Book Tour Diary in place of the introduction in the last book. Other than that the structure is still the same. Here’s the Table of Contents.

  • Dedication and Acknowledgments
  • Jennifer’s Book Tour Diary
  • From The Quilter’s Apprentice
  • From The Cross-Country Quilters
  • From The Runaway Quilt
  • From The Quilter’s Legacy
  • From The Master Quilter
  • Quilting 101
  • Index
  • Resources
  • About the Author
  • About the Quiltmakers

Quilt on!