Books on Monday – Secondary Designs

Welcome to the last Books on Monday for 2016. Today we are looking at Secondary Designs with Judi Madsen by (strangely enough) Judi Madsen. As usual, the link below is my Amazon Affiliate link.

In this book, Judi Madsen shows us all how she creates secondary designs in her quilts with her quilting. And her quilting is stunning. It is the kind of quilting I love to see at quilt shows. But I will (and have in earlier posts here) confess that I do not see myself ever doing this kind of quilting. I think I’m too lazy, and I do utilitarian quilts, not show quilts. But I do love to look at this kind of quilting and see how other people do it. So I do love this book. I love the closeups of her quilting. I love the pictures of her sketches as she plans her quilting. I love it all!

In this book, Judi Madsen describes how the quilting was designed in the quilts in the book. She shows it with sketches from her design process – and not just the sketches that actually ended up being the quilting! She tells how the quilting designs tie the whole quilt together and enhance the look of the quilt. There are also four projects in the book and two on the accompanying CD. These are the same quilts that she used to discuss the quilting process in the beginning, and her project directions include quilting.

What’s in the book? Here’s the Table of Contents:

  • Dedication
  • Acknowlegments
  • Introduction
  • Secondary Design – where she describes what she means and how it works
  • Projects – four, with piecing instructions and quilting instructions
  • About the Author

On the CD there is a look at her creative space (don’t you wish every author included something like this?) and two more projects.

So there you have it. Two thumbs up whether you want to learn this or you’re just a voyeur like me!

Quilt on!