Jan 12

Books on Monday – Sew Necessary

Maybe I’m cheating a little this week, but I did mention in my post about my goodie bag from The Quilt Bear that this book might show up here, so I thought I’d take care of that right now. Yes, this week we are looking at Sew Necessary from Art to Art by Nancy Halvorsen.

I will confess that I don’t make a lot of little things – I’m a big quilt kind of girl. Having said that, there are a lot of cute patterns in this book for seasonal items like Scissor Fobs (featuring a flower or Santa or a with or a bee or an angel or a goose) and Pin Cushions (pumpkin or Frankenstein or peppermint or pine trees or flower or song birds. This also contains patterns for Needle Books, Thread Catchers, Project Tote Bags, a Wall Organizer and a Sewing Basket.

In most cases, there is a basic pattern that can be changed with different appliqués to change the look of it. They are adorable. Maybe this is where I should start my appliqué career. The Posy Pin Cushion and the Peppermint Pincushion may well be calling my name.

So check this one out and

Quilt on!

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  1. jberdych

    I love the Art to Heart books. I have several though I’ve not made anything out of them. 🙂

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