Books on Monday – Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts

Today we are looking at Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts by Marianne L. Hatton. (Yes, the link below is an Amazon Associate link. Thank you for looking and for supporting this blog.)

 What I like about this book is that it’s a technique for creating your own sampler quilts using different sizes of blocks and sections! I love sampler quilts, and the idea of designing my own is very intriguing. She does have patterns for some blocks or block elements of various kinds, but the important part is the technique and all of the author’s suggestions and directions for designing your quilts.

So, here are the sections in this book:

  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgments
  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • The Stages of Making Your Sampler Quilt: A Visual Progression
  • Anatomy of a Quilt
  • Design Considerations and Tactics
  • The GridMaps
  • Templates and Drafting
  • Piecing Techniques
  • Lovely, Linear, Log Cabin Blocks
  • Simple Strip Piecing
  • There’s More Than One Way to Hand Appliqué
  • The Perfection of Paper Piecing
  • Perfect Curved Seams
  • The Kaleidoscope Block: No Curved Seams – Just an Illusion!
  • The GridMap Revisited
  • Filling in the Gaps: Choosing Corner Blocks and Selecting Borders
  • Patterns
  • Meet Marianne L. Hatton

Yes, there is a lot of information covered in this book. The patterns section is just the patterns for specific elements, not entire quilts. Just wanted you to know that.

And, if you are ever planning to design your own sampler quilt, I highly recommend this book.

Quilt on!

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  1. THANKS for the review… I will put this on my wish list as I have a BD coming up and family now have access to my wish list. I personally am on a hiatus for book buying as I have not place to put the books I have at the moment…. but when DD moves out and I get my book shelf back … WATCH OUT.

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