Books on Monday – Star Quilts

Yes, after two weeks, Books on Monday is back! Yes, I have once before reviewed a book called Star Quilts and I won’t be surprised if I review more books with the same title. After all, my favorite quilts have stars in them. This particular book is Star Quilts: 35 Blocks, 5 Projects – Easy No-Math Drafting Technique by Mary Knapp. And, in case you’ve forgotten, the link below is my Amazon Affiliate link.

In this book, the author teaches how to draft any sized block (mostly variations of star blocks) using a grid and no math. There is a very large paper pattern section included which also includes different sized grids to use (although there is also a section on how to make your own grid).

It is obvious from this book that Mary Knapp is a teacher. The techniques are described thoroughly and well illustrated. I would have no trouble using this drafting technique after reading this book. The blocks are beautiful and the 5 patterns are lovely also. The book itself is well designed and the instructions follow a very logical sequence. (Did I mention it is obvious the author is a teacher?)

Here’s a look at the sections in this book:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started (a list of tools and a warm-up exercise)
  • The Grid
  • How to Draw the Blocks
  • The Blocks
  • Cutting and Piecing Tips and Techniques
  • Projects
  • Create Your Own Grid
  • About the Author
  • Resources
  • Pattern Pullout Pages

If you like to draft your blocks on paper and don’t like to do math, this may just be the book for you! Especially if you are a visual learner!

Quilt on!