Books on Monday – Take-Along-Totes

You may have noticed that I have changed the naming convention for these Books on Monday posts. It just makes more sense to include the book title (or part of it) in the post title.

This week’s book is Take-Along-Totes: Mix & Match Your Way to Creative Organization by Marilynn Bilyeu.

I picked this up during C & T Publishing’s spring sale a few weeks ago. (I picked up several books at $5 or $10 during that sale.) I must make a disclaimer here – I have never (yet) made a bag of any kind. I think I’m going to remedy that over the next few weeks, but as of now I haven’t.

This book is really about making one kind of bag with different kinds of pockets and other places to stash stuff. And the bag (or tote) is really more portfolio shaped. Don’t get me wrong – these totes look sturdy and very useful and well designed. I’m just not sure I will ever make one.

That being said, the instructions seem to be thorough and the tips very handy. I feel like I could make one of these totes with very little trouble, if I tried. I also love the fabric choices for the samples, especially the Laurel Burch horse fabric. They are gorgeous.

Bottom line – if you are looking for an organizing tote kind of pattern, this book may be for you. If you are just looking for different bag patterns, maybe not this one. (Although I thoroughly enjoy the illustrations!)

Previews of coming attractions: In honor of my birthday, there will be a giveaway on next Monday’s Blocks on Monday feature! And yes, it is a book. A very good one! So come on back May 27th for that one. And

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