Books on Monday – The Block Book

Unlike my usual style, this book is not a new book. I found it at a resale shop and snatched it up because it was written by Judy Martin. Yeah, I’m a sucker. The book is The Block Book by Judy Martin. It does have an Amazon page, but because it is a much older book (1998), it is only available through 3rd party resellers.

This book has patterns for 156 blocks of varying sizes and templates for the patterns. Many of the blocks will look familiar if you have seen many of Judy Martin’s quilt patterns. And of course, there are lots of star blocks because this is a Judy Martin book.

The sections in this book are

  1. Introduction
  2. Blocks & Piecing Instructions
  3. Sampler Quilt Patterns
  4. Rotary cutting directions
  5. Full Size Patterns
  6. Recommended Products
  7. Index of Blocks

Since I just purchased EQ7 (for Mac, of course), I’m not sure how much I will use the patterns in this book for designing quilts, but I will certainly be keeping it around!

Quilt on!

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