Books on Monday – The Modern Appliqué Workbook

Yep, we are back to appliqué this week with The Modern Appliqué Workbook: Easy Invisible Zigzag Method 11 Quilts to Round Out Your Skills by Jenifer Dick. (Yes, that is an Amazon Affiliate link, in case you want to help support this blog.)

I know there has recently been a blog hop for this book, so you may already know quite a bit about it, but since Connecting Threads recently had a book sale, you get my review also! For whatever it is worth.

Having recently been reading many appliqué books, I sort of feel like an appliqué book expert. (Note: I did not say an appliqué expert. So far, as you know, I’ve just been reading them and trying out machine stitches.) This is an excellent resource with simple, well-illustrated directions. It is a great resource book and includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction: My Journey to Modern Appliqué – a familiar story to me!
  2. Part I: Invisible Zigzag Appliqué – excellently described as are the next two sections
  3. Part II: Alternatives to Invisible Zigzag Appliqué
  4. Part III: Advanced Preparation Techniques
  5. Part IV: Finishing the Appliqué Quilt – I liked the fact that she points out that an overall quilting pattern diminishes the effect of the appliqué
  6. Part V: The Projects – very modern looking

Now, if you’ve been here before you know that I am not a fan of wonky blocks or patterns, so I have to confess here that the project designs are more modern than I am. I may use some of her shape templates, but I cannot picture myself making any of these quilts, except maybe Star Bright. So for me, the value of this book is in the appliqué instructions, which are well worth the cost of the book.

Quilt on!