Books on Monday – The New Appliqué Sampler

Today we are still looking at appliqué with The New Applique Sampler: Learn to Applique the Piece O’ Cake Way by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins.

I will tell you right off the bat here that this book is really about hand appliqué, not the machine appliqué I’ve been considering. Okay, enough of that! On with the review.

This is one thorough book! All instructions are illustrated, mostly by photographs. In addition to the directions there are two lovely projects, but I get ahead of myself yet again.

The Introduction acquaints us with why the authors enjoy appliqué, most especially hand appliqué. This is followed by a section that lists basic supplies and includes the reasons why the authors like hand appliqué best. The other sections are as follows: Color Comes First, General Instructions (which covers everything you need to do to prepare for the appliqué), Appliqué Techniques (including The Invisible Stitch, Points, Cutaway Appliqué, Curves and Circles, Off-the-Block Construction, Reverse Appliqué, and Continuous Bias), and Projects. After the Index, there is also a Resource list.

For me, not thinking I’m going to start lots of hand appliqué, the best part of this one is the projects. I really like the flower designs in this book and will keep it to use them sometime in the near future. If you are or want to be a hand appliquér, though, this book is a valuable reference.

Quilt on!

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  1. Yup, I like their designs also. Although I do hand aplique as well as machine, I’ve tried their vinyl overlay method and didn’t particularly like it. To each her own.

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