Books on Monday – The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

Remember how I said in my Friday post about the Craftsy sale that I’d have a quilty post for you the next day? Remember how that didn’t happen? I am so sorry, but life got to me. Sigh.

But enough about that! Today is all about the books! Or book.

Today we are, like ever so many other bloggers around the web, looking at The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting: Long-arm and Sit-down – Learn When, Where, Why, and How to Finish Your Quilts by Angela Walters and Christa Watson. Yes, the link below is an Amazon Affiliate link that helps to support the blog.

I have had this book for a month and a half now, and have not finished reading it yet! That’s how carefully I’m reading and attempting to learn from it. I actually wanted to wait until I had used some of the information that I’m learning before writing this, but it’s Books on Monday day and I didn’t have anything else this time, so here you are!

In case you haven’t seen any of the other reviews around the web (and there are many), this is an awesome book. Full of great information. Applicable to any kind of machine quilting. Well illustrated. You can always tell whether you are hearing from Angela or Christa because the pages are color-coded. Angela, of course, covers longarm quilting, while Christa covers home machine quilting. And, of course some of the information and ideas work for both. If you are thinking about quilting your quilts by machine yourself, this is the book for you. Seriously. It is awesome.

I may be a bit biased and my copy may be a bit more awesome than yours. (Note: subtle or not so subtle bragging or fangirlness here.) I have an autographed copy personally delivered by my BQF Christa Watson. Because I was attending her class at the EQ7 Academy in April, Christa brought it with her when she came to Ohio and hand delivered it. You too can get a signed copy at her website, but you might not get free in-person delivery (and that is sad for you because Christa is fun!! Just tell her I sent you!

I seriously hope to do a real post very soon!

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Books on Monday – The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

  1. I’m hearing so much about Christa Watson lately. Like she’s everywhere! She’s been interviewed/talked about on every single quilting podcast I listen to. I know I’ll get the book eventually since I’m hearing/reading such rave reviews about it. And I’ll make sure I get it through your link! Thank you for taking the time Gretchen!

  2. I am trying to decide whether to get this book or not. I have a number of machine quilting books and don’t really do enough machine quilting to justify another book. Still, it is Christa’s book!!! I need my own library.

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