Books on Monday – Walk

Welcome to the second Monday in December and Books on Monday. Today we are looking at WALK: Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot by Jacquie Gering.  Yes, that link below is an Amazon Affiliate link and will help to support the podcast.

As you can see from the picture in that link, this is a very interesting looking book. The black areas of the cover have machine walking foot quilting on them. The back is especially attractive. I don’t usually do this with books, but here is a photo of the back of the book:

Isn’t that pretty? Did you ever think walking foot quilting could look so good?

Well, maybe if you’ve taken Jacquie Gering’s Craftsy class Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot or the follow-up Next Steps With Your Walking Foot, you recognize how cool this kind of quilting can be. (Yes, those are Craftsy Affiliate links. Apparently today I am a marketing fool!)

This book is an awesome and very complete walking foot quilting resource. (To be honest, I expected nothing less.) While I strongly recommend the Craftsy classes, I find that this book will be a great resource when I want to double check on just one thing. (Books are much faster than Craftsy classes for that, in my opinion.) So, yes, for anyone who ever plans to quilt with their walking foot, I recommend this book.

Here’s a look at the Table of Contents:

  • Spreading the Love
  • Walking Foot 101 (more comprehensive than I remember the classes being)
  • Lines
  • Gentle Curves
  • Marked Curves
  • Decorative Stitcehs
  • Reverse
  • Turning Designs
  • Gallery
  • Templates/Acknowledgments
  • Resources

You may have noticed in the Table of Contents that there are no basic quiltmaking instructions and no patterns. Jacquie does send you to a downloadable PDF from Lucky Spools for the Quiltmaking Basics. As far as quilt patterns, this is an awesome quilting reference book. Enjoy!

Quilt on!