Books on Monday – Week 4

Until now, I’ve talked about books that are recent publications. Today we’ll go in a slightly different direction thanks to an unexpected gift.

A few weeks ago at church, one of my friends handed me a very big book. Her mother-in-law was downsizing and divesting herself of most of her craft supplies and books. My friend thought I might like this one. And she was definitely right about that! (I must admit that carrying this huge book around in my church bag was not the easiest job in the world. It weighs over 6 pounds!)

So what is this book? It’s the 1987 book

This book is amazing! It covers the traditions of quilting in a well-written and illustrated text. Most of the photographs are full page color photographs of the quilts. And since the pages are 13.7 x 9.7 inches that’s a good sized photo! There are ten chapters, with the gorgeous illustrations and quilt descriptions following each chapter. Here is a list of the chapter titles:

  1. An American Tradition by Laura fisher
  2. Quilts: America’s Folklore by Deborah Harding
  3. Quilts: The Art of the Amish by Phyllis Haders
  4. Hawaiian Quilts by Lee S. Wild
  5. Quilts – Crazy Memories by Virgina Gunn
  6. Baby, Crib, and Doll Quilts by Pat Long and Dennis Duke
  7. Quilts at an Exhibition by Donna Wilder
  8. Contemporary Quilts by Luella Doss
  9. A Quilt-Collector’s Primer by Celia Y. Oliver
  10. Living with Quilts by Phyllis George Brown

But, of course, the stars of the book are the quilts. The inspiration and eye candy abound in this book. This book was written following the April 1986 event The Great American Quilt Festival and Contest in New York City, one of the first events celebrating quilts as art, and the quilts in it are indeed works of art.

If you aren’t sure you would want to own this book, check your library to see if they have a copy, because, even if you don’t feel like reading this book, I can’t imagine a quilter who wouldn’t want to see these quilts.

Quilt on!


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  1. I’ve read this book! My friend’s step mom had this book in her guest room and for two years or maybe three, I’ve spent a weekend in that guest room and I take the book each time and read it while there. Very nice book.

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