Books on Monday – Week 6

This week’s book is Scrap Quilts Fit for a Queen or a King, Twin or Lap by Sally Schneider. And, yes, that lovely picture below is my Amazon Affiliate link. If you look on, they have the Look Inside feature for this book and they also have pictures of the quilts.

Why did I buy this book? Well, I need to make a lot of quilts in order to come anywhere near using up my fabric collection, so I need all the help I can get. And this title intrigued me because so many scrap quilt books are for smaller quilts than queen-sized or bed-sized quilts. And, yes, I apparently like all of the quilts in this book, because I have marked them all.

Just so you know, all of the books mentioned in the Books on Monday series were purchased by me. No one sends me books to review. (If that ever happens, I’ll be sure to let you know!) And, yes, apparently I have been spending quite a bit on quilting books lately. Of course, the C & T Publishing Spring Sale helped a lot! But I haven’t even gotten to those books yet!

Quilt on!