Books on Monday – Wildflower Appliqué & Embroidery

This is the second of the three books I purchased at AQS Grand Rapids. It is Wildflower Appliqué & Embroidery by Bea Oglesby. Below is the usual Amazon Affiliate link.

This is a brief book, consisting mostly of the twelve wildflower appliqué patterns. And they are beautiful patterns. And I do plan to make some of them, which is, of course, why I purchased the book.

The book begins with an introduction and some general instructions, which are for hand appliqué.  The patterns follow. Each pattern includes some information about the flower. And that is all that is in the book.

If you are looking for some gorgeous wildflower patterns, this is the one for you.  If not, maybe it isn’t. But I’m looking forward to using the patterns someday.

Quilt on!

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