Aug 19

Books on Monday – Yes You Can! Make Stunning Quilts from Simple Patterns

And today we begin a three week look at some older Judy Martin books with Yes You Can! Make Stunning Quilts from Simple Patterns, a book with a 1992 copyright. I found it on Amazon.com through a third party seller, but it is (as you may have guessed) out of print. There are several still available as of today, some as low as $0.01 + shipping.

First off, you can tell that this is a book from the early days of rotary cutting by how she introduces the rotary cutting guidelines. She also (as she still does in her books) includes patterns for each of the patches needed for each quilt in case the reader (or user, since I seem to be a bit addicted) wants to use traditional cutting methods. You can also tell because she gives tips and important things to remember about quilting with toddlers underfoot, because (she says) that is what she is having to do.  Another giveaway is the fact that there is less color in this book than in more modern ones.

Having said all that, the instructions in this book are written with the same attention to detail that I expect from Judy and the beautiful designs that she is famous for. You can see the beginnings of some of her more intricate later designs in this book. And, yes, I do plan to make a couple of these.

Quilt on!


  1. Kati R.

    How long is that list of quilts you’re planning to do? Mine is like I can’t even count that far! :))))

  2. Jackie

    So, how many are you planning to make. Sounds like a book worth having. The front cover alone looks great.

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