Boxing Day Sew-In Results

This will be a brief post. Then, hopefully later today, I will write a longer post about the Scrap in a Box finish, with even more photos. (If not today, tomorrow.)

For the Boxing Day Sew-In, I completed hand sewing the binding onto Scrap in a Box and threw it into the washing machine, although it wasn’t that easy to get the quilt to the machine. This was in the way:

Then I cut the borders for the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM and got three of them sewed on. The fourth and trimming the batting and backing and pressing the backing had to wait for Tuesday. I will be dropping it off for longarming today! Then I’ll have to decide whether I’m really scalloping the borders or leaving them square. (Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the completed top. Sorry.)

Later today, I will need to do some printing and cutting for La Passacaglia so I can work on that during tonight’s football game. Maybe I’ll actually get the first Rosette 2 finished tonight.

I hope you’ve been able to get some quilting done this week too!

Quilt on!