Brief Batting Discussion

What is your favorite batting? How many different battings have you tried?

I have tried low loft polyester batting – it is what we mostly use for our church quilts as it is pretty easy to hand quilt. I have also used it for the little straight line machine quilting I have done, and I’ve had no problems with it.

I have also tried a fusible polyester, but I tried it on a fairly large quilt and it didn’t hold well. It did not seem to gum up my machine at all, but i don’t think that I would try hand quilting through it as it felt a bit stiff.

I have also hand quilted through 100% cotton batting. That seemed more difficult than the polyester, but I have read other hand quilters who prefer 80/20 cotton over 100% cotton.

I have also tried a silk batting (80 or 90% silk), both by machine and by hand. I like the way it puffs up a bit better than the cotton or the poly. It is a little more difficult to hand quilt (although I hear that 100% silk – if you can find it – is not), but not any more so than the 100% cotton and well worth it. I don’t know yet how it washes up because it is still on my frame and will not get much attention until the wedding quilt is completed. It is more expensive, of course, but so far I like it.

Which brings me to the wool batting with which I am quilting the wedding quilt. I love it. It is easy to needle through and looks so lovely when quilted – although, as with the silk, I have not yet washed it. But I hear good things. And, yes, it is more expensive, but I think that if the quilt is worth hand quilting, it is worth the extra cost for the batting.

Now, what battings do you prefer or hate?

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Brief Batting Discussion

  1. I use Warm & Natural almost exclusively for machine quilting (I like it and can get a bolt for a pretty good sale price), but have used Bamboo and loved it. For hand quilting I, too, like a low loft poly. I haven’t used a wool batt yet, but would love to do so!

  2. For machine quilting I am in love with Hobb’s Heirloom batting 100% cotton. I don’t care for the quality of anything I have purchased at Joann’s. I wait for the batting to go on sale at Connecting Threads and buy it then. Hobb’s is the best (in my opinion)!

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