Cleaning Out Old Photos Can Be Dangerous!

Yesterday, I was cleaning some old digital photos from my computer, and this morning I realized how dangerous this can be. I came across this photo, which I had taken on one of my trips to Barnes & Noble to remind me of Cold Spring Dreams, a fabric collection I fell in love with.

Cold Spring Dreams Ad

Gorgeous, right? A few weeks ago, a charm pack was the deal of the day at Missouri Star Quilt Company, so I picked one up. Today, one of the featured layer cakes was Cold Spring Dreams and, having just seen it yesterday and realizing that one charm pack really isn’t very much, I ordered one.


Cleaning out photos can be expensive.

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Out Old Photos Can Be Dangerous!

  1. LOL but at least you can have a peace of mind of knowing you won’t have to hunt down the fabric later and you will have enough!:)

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