Craftsy Sale Got Me

Remember this quilt kit that I blogged about a while ago but never bought? (Yes, the image is from a previous sale.)

28Well, I caved today and purchased it for half price. Yup. Really. Like I need more fabric around here.

I also purchased two classes. I’ve done my shopping for today. Back to cooking and eating. And lots of Gilmores.

You can do your own damage at the Craftsy sale right here. (Yes, that is a Craftsy affiliate link.)

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Craftsy Sale Got Me

  1. Looks like a great pattern. I’d love to hear more about it. Have you written somewhere about why you buy kits? I don’t think I have ever bought a kit. I buy patterns and then use my own fabric (no shortage-LOL), usually. Or I just buy the pattern and think about making it. 😉

    • To confess, Jaye, I don’t normally buy kits unless they are something I really want and are on an awesome sale, like this one. I tried to find the pattern for this one elsewhere, but no deal. Trust me, I tried. I think it must be proprietary to this kit. So, I just took the deal. I can sub some of the fabric if I like.
      And, I too, have fallen into just buying the pattern and thinking about making it – like the Sew Together bag.

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