Decisions, Decisions

Yesterday I spent some time downstairs working on my quilt top made with my Cold Spring Dreams charm packs and a white jelly roll. First I finished trimming and pressing all the blocks, and then I started playing around with the layout. You may remember that in this post I wondered if I should use a random layout or even use the two different colorways of the line together. Then I saw some other versions of this quilt pattern that kept like colors in diagonal stripes (sort of), so I decided I’d at least try it using both colorways.

Here are the two layouts I tried:


In this first one, I separated the blues out of the pink and blue colorway to make their own stripes, but left the purples in the yellow and purple colorway. IMG_1481

In the second one, I separated out the purples to make their own colorway also. To actually finish this, I would need to break into my layer cake, because the blues and purples only have three different patterns, but I have the layer cake so I could do it.

I haven’t tried a random layout yet, mostly because I can’t imagine some of the yellows and purples right next to the pinks and blues. I think if I’m going to kind of randomize this, I’d use all of one colorway.

The other frustrating thing is that the colors look a bit off in these pictures. They are really quite a bit brighter than they look here.

So what do you think? Any ideas?

Quilt on!

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  1. I am more drawn to the first photo for some reason…they are both lovely though. I like the fabrics very much!

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