Deep Thoughts About Quilts & Quilting

Today we will sew the binding and label on the church quilt! By November 1, I did not think we were going to make it in time for the auction. Here we are a week and a day early! We rock! (I’ll post pictures after it is washed.)

Did you ever notice how much better a quilt looks after it’s done than it did while you were working on it? I’d have sworn there were huge pleats in the back of this quilt, but they don’t look so bad now that it is off the frame and I’m seeing them, not feeling them. (I won’t be able to post pleat pictures – if such exist – we’ll be covering them with scripture labels.)

In other news, I succumbed once again to evil temptress Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop and took advantage of her 25% off Cyber Monday sale. Pictures to follow.

And I have not made any progress on Christmas gifts or Easy Street, but that changes tonight!

2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts About Quilts & Quilting

  1. How wonderful y’all are finishing the church quilt early. I’m looking forward to hearing how the auction goes. Will you post a picture of it? Yes, a quilt does look better when it’s finished. Deep thought here. Hadn’t articulated this before. I look at them later and think: I made that? Nice. I guess it was worth the time and effort. You’ve put a lot of work into this quilt and I’m sure it’s worth it.

  2. Great job! You are right – quilts DO look better when you don’t have your nose buried in them! Looking forward to seeing your Cyber Monday haul!

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