Deep Thursday Thoughts

Not really. Don’t be shocked. Deep is not me. It really isn’t. And not much progress has been made around here on anything.

My Clue #2 of On Ringo Lake is all done except I need to press and trim up 60 more of the flying geese. I should get that done today. Then I think I will take a short pause before moving on to Clue #3. It’s not like I’ve been keeping up or anything like that.

I need to cut the fabrics for Charlotte’s Mystery Quilt, Summer Stars on Fawn Lake. I haven’t even started that yet, although I do have a project box waiting for it. I think the first clue comes next week, Tuesday maybe.

Jaye from Artquiltmaker asked a question about the 2009 Designer Mystery BOM. I finished that top before I ever began this blog, or shortly thereafter. You can see a picture and read about it here. It has been patiently waiting on my quilting frame to actually be quilted. It made it onto the frame shortly before my youngest daughter got engaged in 2012. That meant it had to wait for the wedding quilt to be hand quilted and then it also had to wait through parts of each year as the church quilts took precedence, but I hope this year is its year.

I fell in love with a knitted shawl kit on Craftsy a month or so ago. It was less than $20 and came with teal yarn if I wanted that color so I purchased it. I do not consider myself a knitter. I don’t even really like to knit, but this quilt was so pretty and I know exactly where to go for help so I bought it. It is not an easy pattern (do I ever like easy?) and I have cast it on and knitted and ripped it out three times now. I was sure the third time would be the charm, but I’m pretty sure that ship has sailed. I’m not sure how many times I will do this before I look for a crocheted shawl that I like almost as well. Sigh. Here’s a link to the kit, not an affiliate link though. Just a link. It is stunning.

And those are all my deep thoughts. All of them. Care to share some of yours?

Quilt on!

5 thoughts on “Deep Thursday Thoughts

  1. I seem to be full of deep thoughts lately! I spent some time over my four day weekend organizing my sewing room. I’m weird – it’s usually fairly organized! But my pile of batiks had been growing and so had my pile of Christmas fabrics so I spent a bit of time organizing those. Then I baked. Then I made out some long overdue birthday, sympathy and thank you cards. Then I worked on a shoe puzzle my aunt gave me for Christmas. So while doing all of that I’ve been all over the board mentally. Hopefully after this week back at work I can settle down and be ready to greet the new year. Good luck on your projects!

    • Right now it looks like I can’t do this. I have started and ripped at least five times now. I’m very good at rows 1-4 (and a provisional cast-on) but Row 5 may have defeated me.

  2. Love the new header! Those are great blocks.

    Thanks for the link to your 2009 Designer Mystery Quilt and for clearing up the mystery. I am fascinated by those quilts on your blog, for some reason, so I will read up and get up to speed. I also appreciate the link to my blog.

    The shawl is wonderful. Not too much either as it looks like you can wear it as a scarf as well. Part of my knitting process is ripping out at least three times and re-casting on before I can get anywhere on the project. I have decided that it is what it is. I am getting lots of practice on casting on!

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