Easy Street

I guess I’m going to be attempting to have to catch up to Easy Street. This week is crunch time on the church quilt – it needs to be completed by next Sunday – or at least only need the binding by then. I prefer completed, including washing, so we can show it in church next Sunday.

Here is how far I’ve gotten on Easy Street: I’ve chosen the fabrics. Sort of.

The fabric choices that are not batiks

Non Batik Choices

I may have to supplement with some bright blue batiks but I think I’m good here. Also, I think my grays will be Fairy Frost, my favorite. Yes, I’m not showing much imagination as far as colors since these are basically the colors Bonnie Hunter is using, but they are some of my favorites so….

But the cutting and sewing part will have to wait for a week or so. I think I’m probably in trouble starting off behind here, but I have no choice. My quilting time today was spent hand quilting the church quilt to get as much done as possible and cutting the binding strips for that quilt. I’ll sew them together later so they are ready when we finally get the quilting done. I will be ecstatic when this quilt is finished.

As for you, quilt on!