May 01

Fab Friday




Yes, I thought I’d start right out with some Fab Friday Fotos – 2 of the 3 steps of the April Scrap in a Box clue. I forgot to take pictures of the other step, but trust me, they are done. Now I have to figure out sashing and borders. This is so scrappy, I’m having a difficult time deciding. All suggestions are welcome!

On to the epic fail! I paper-pieced this star:


It looks okay from a distance but… Look at the center close up!


In an effort to save it, I tried appliqué which would have been much better as fusible with those sharp points.


Trust me, the points look awful! I replaced it with a simple Friendship Star.


Very simple but it will do for now!

Quilt on!


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  1. Jaye

    The black and white makes your Scrap in the Box look like a beautiful tile floor.

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