Finally – A Quilt Show Post

Yes, I am going to finally talk a bit about the AQS Grand Rapids show. Honest. But first, I’d like to apologize to those who commented on my last post. I like to reply to the comments as soon as possible, but somehow I was never notified about the comments on that post. Sigh. I’ll have to play around with settings after I post this.

But on to the quilt show.

One of my favorite things about the show the last couple of years has been meeting up with a couple of Twilters – Nonnie of Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams blog and podcast & Carole, who as far as I know has no blog. I look forward to this, and spending time with these ladies never disappoints! This year we were joined by Darla from Scientific Quilter and her aunt Deb for a couple of days. I was very excited to meet Darla in person because we have been online friends for many years! Then on Thursday we had some time with Vicky from My Creative Corner and her mother and a friend of her mother’s who were only there for the day. Here’s a picture from that meetup!


Carole was in class and did not even get to meet Vicky. Carole spent most of the week dying or dyeing. And it was worth it. Here’s a bit of a look at her snow dyeing class results.

IMG_4884  IMG_4886 Aren’t they gorgeous?! She also had some gorgeous colors from other classes too. She had a very productive week.

Nonnie and I took a machine quilting class from Cindy Needham on the first day of the show. Cindy is an awesome teacher, and her own quilting is stunning. She makes quilts using vintage linen tablecloths and intricate quilting. Here are some examples from the classroom:IMG_4429 IMG_4430 IMG_4431 IMG_4432 Ours was a beginners’ class, so, no, I did not learn to do that. I do recommend her as a teacher though!

Since this is getting longish, I will be back later with more quilt show pictures.

Quilt on!