May 17

Five Years a Blogger

Today I celebrate five years of blogging. That feels like a long time! And it probably calls for a giveaway of some sort.

So, in an effort to downsize my library, I’m offering a complete set of the Quilter’s Academy books by Harriet Hargrave and Carrie Hargrave. Yes, these books look just like new. (I am usually very careful with my books.) These are a wonderful reference, but I really need to start downsizing. So these are the books included in the giveaway:

Please make your entries using the Rafflecopter widget below.

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and quilt on!


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  1. madmslottie

    Congratulations! Five years is awesome. I won’t enter because you’d faint at the cost of sending books to NZ, but go you!

    1. Gretchen

      Enter, Charlotte, enter! I will be happy to send them to you if you win, no matter the cost!

      1. Ms Lottie

        Ok, I’m in!

  2. shamsaszauberfaden

    Love your bookreviews. 5 years-wow. Keep up the great work.

  3. Jaye

    Happy Blogiversary! Good job on 5 years! Doesn’t time fly? I hope you keep up the good work!

  4. Jaye

    PS I meant to say that I really enjoy your book reviews. Of course, you know I also write book reviews, but we never seem to do the same ones, which is more bang for my buck. 🙂 I hope you continue with them.

    I also like hearing about your BOM projects and would like to see more of those.

  5. Marlies Mansveld

    Congratulations on your bloganniversary! I always like reading your blog so much!

  6. Diane Rincon

    Five years! Congratulations! Your book reviews are a really special part of your blog. They’re informative, and sometimes they lead to pretty pictures, even acquisition. I love a good book. Your posts are interesting as you push along with the multiple interesting projects you have going forward. So, sure, I’d love to win the books! And I look forward to your future blog posts!

  7. Colleen

    Congratulations! I like your sense of humour!

  8. Valerie

    Congratulations on five years! You and I read many of the same books, so, while I enjoy your reviews, I think I most like to see the progress on your projects. Keep it up!

  9. Jackie

    Congrats on 5 years! Did you ever think you’d be at it this long? I always look forward to your book reviews.

    Generous giveaway.

  10. becky d.

    Your reviews,fun and inspiration. Congratulations on 5 years the time it must take to produce a fun quality blog I am impressed. Great give away I know I sure could use the awesome prize always need reference material and inspiration (self learning), Thanks and good-luck everyone. Becky

  11. Sandi Colwell

    Congratulations!! Thank you for the inspiring posts, Gretchen.

  12. Tarnia

    Happy Blogging anniversary. I have just started, one post down, hopefully more to come. Thanks for the giveaway, its very generous of you to offer to post to those of us downunder.

  13. stanleybeagle

    I find your blog inspiring. Congrats on 5 years!

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