Fourth of July Sew-In Results

Most of the weekend I sort of avoided sewing. I know that part of the reason for that was the project I really needed to be working on – the t-shirt quilt. I had done one block already and all the t-shirts were fused and trimmed but… so not excited to do this. Yesterday, I bit the bullet, went into the sewing room and pretty much stayed there until the top was completed.

Just so you know, I had purchased fabric for borders, but this feels big enough as it is so this is the finished top. What does it say that I’m more excited about making the back for this project than I was for making the front?

But before I get to the back, I need to make my Saturday Sampler blocks.

What have you been doing?

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July Sew-In Results

  1. I sort of felt the same way about the T-shirt quilt I made. My sticking point was all the fusing and trimming. Blech. I have another stack to work with and they are still a stack.

    Once I finish the top, I do all the other parts – back, binding and sleeve ASAP so I can get the thing to the quilter. I wouldn’t really wait though I am thinking your Saturday Sampler are just a couple of blocks?

    • I just finished the blocks for the Saturday Sampler and got out the fabric I’m putting together for the backing, so I’m ready to get started on that tomorrow. I’m thinking that I’ll quilt this one myself (ugh, basting) and I usually make my binding before I start the quilting, so that’s probably coming up this weekend also.

  2. That looks really great! At first I thought it was panels, didn’t even realize it’s a T-shirt top 🙂

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