Friday Facts #6

And now for the final Friday Facts questions:
26. What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong? All people (past and present) think and feel like we do. Never gonna be true.
27. What is your favorite part of your body and why? My eyes. They work (with some correction) and enable me to do lots of things I like to do.
28. What is your love language? Gifts – giving and receiving.
29. What do you think people misunderstand most about you? Most people think I’m more outgoing than I really am.
30. List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.

  1. That I was a good friend.
  2. That I cared.
  3. I am secretly funny.
  4. I tried to exemplify Christ’s love as much as humanly possible. (Note the word tried – seriously not good at this one!)
  5. I helped people learn to quilt.
  6. I taught well.
  7. I served rather than waiting to be served.
  8. My kindness.
  9. My helpfulness.
  10. My smile.

And that wraps up the six weeks of Friday Facts.

Quilt on!

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