Friday Fun

Just a few little pieces of trivial information for you.

  1. I made a decision on my Falling Charms Quilt. I’ve decided to go with using all of the colors of the fabric line but separate out the blues and purples kind of like this.IMG_1481 I did change some of the fabric order around and cut more of the blues and purples so that I had enough for the full rows of those colors. I’ll post an updated picture sometime after I’ve been down to the basement again and get the whole thing up on the design wall – or as much as the design wall can hold.
  2. Behold the latest in Fashionable Fall Footwear. IMG_1490 Yep, the foot is in the boot and walking is less painful but also less inviting. I have to take it off to drive, since it is on my right foot, and then put it back on before I walk anywhere. Sigh. But it should help me heal faster.
  3. My goody box of books from the C & T Labor Day weekend sale. Yes, new books for the Monday reviews. I’ll be working on those over the next few weeks. As you know, I own all the books that I review. (Yes, that idea is a little frightening. Luckily I do purge every once in a while.
  4. I have the paper and templates all prepared for the Judy Niemeyer Christmas tree skirt that I’m going to be making for my daughter. Now I just have to press and cut the fabric and start sewing. I think I have read the directions enough times that it is starting to make sense and look easy. I think I will enjoy the putting it together part.

Have a great weekend and

Quilt on!

One thought on “Friday Fun

  1. Gretchen, hope the foot will feel better soon! I know it’s no joke walking around in the cast, even though mine was made of plaster and couldn’t take it off or drive with it. Yay for the squares, I like the final layout. And hurray for new books! 🙂 I think I own a lot of them too, and lately I found old books from 2001 when I bought new ones off of eBay to start educating myself (should I mention I never even opened those besides the first leaf through?) Such a great idea to read through the pattern several times before you start. Hope it will come out great! Take care and rest!

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