Friday Stuff

Well, this post may be all the quilty minutes I get today for #March-along, but it will have to do. Hopefully later we will head off to my youngest daughter’s home to hang out with them (and my eldest daughter who is visiting) for the evening. Right now, however, our hot water heater is being repaired once again. Sigh. It is less than four years old, so I hope it is being repaired.

First, a #March-along update: I have made a little progress quilting the machine quilted crazy quilt this week – at least until last night. I was most of the way through a block last night when I realized that I really haven’t done a very good job of planning which blocks get quilted with which colored thread. Sigh. I actually ripped out that entire block – and it was not easy. I do not have any love for this project left. If it weren’t something that the mother of a friend of mines started, I might not even finish it. But I do plan to get it done as quickly as possible!

What I’d really like to do right now is start assembling my 2012 Designer Mystery BOM now that all 12 blocks are completed. I’m just not feeling the setting. Here is what the setting is supposed to look like:


You can find pictures of some finished quilts on Pinterest or in the Flickr Group. It is not ugly, but I’m just not feeling it. The Flickr Group actually has a picture of one finished with the blocks on point and I do like that idea. I’m also considering adding triangles to each block like I did with the American Beauty BOM. Here’s a picture of the triangles that were added there (yes, they don’t look much like triangles in this picture):

IMG_2343I do question whether the stripe that was included with the finishing kit will look good when it is only 1/2″ wide since the stripes are soooo big.


Once I add those triangles, the blocks should be about 161/2″ unfinished, if I’m remembering correctly. Not sure what I would do next, but that is a start.

In advertising news, Craftsy is having a sale on class bundles from now until 11:59PM on March 13 in case you are interested in picking up some related classes. And, if you do it by following that link, thank you for supporting this blogging habit.

Quilt on!