This is just a brief complaining post. You can skip it if you like. Honest. You won’t miss much.

Apparently I didn’t mention this at the time, but two years ago when I made matching quilts in different colors for my daughters (you can find pictures here), my machine jumped around while I was using my walking foot. I blamed it on the new (Aurifil) thread I was using and decided I could piece just fine with that thread, but quilting with it was out.

Fast forward to last night while I was using my walking foot to quilt my son-in-law’s birthday quilt. The jumping around started again. And I was not using Aurifil!

I rethreaded the machine. I changed the needle. I changed the bobbin. I took the walking foot off and put it back on. I fiddled with the tension. It still jumped. The walking foot was making a clackety noise when jumping around, so I took it off and put on an all-purpose foot.

It worked like a dream. My machine had no trouble feeding the three layers through evenly and the stitches looked gorgeous. Hmmm! I may never use that walking foot again, but I will have it looked at next time my machine goes in for a tune-up. Who knows? Maybe it is horribly defective or I’ve bent something or….

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. It may be your walking foot. Make sure all the moving parts are hooked in place. Mine had a tendancy to “jump” out of place and not work right. I tightened things up and it works fine now.

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