Future Plans

I’ve started thinking about future quilting plans. Okay, I haven’t just started thinking about it. But now I’m getting serious about it. So what’s coming in the future?

Well, a quilting studio cleaning, that’s for sure! And I have three blocks of the month that I need to finish. (I’m considering doing a quilt as you go on the American Beauty BOM to practice my machine quilting. But we’ll see.) And somewhere in the studio there is a tumbler quilt that I started hand piecing once. It might not be a bad idea to finish that sometime.

But, of course, there is at least one project I really want to start. Remember the Asteria Block of the Month from Quilting by the Bay? Well, after much thought, I decided that I really shouldn’t be buying more new blue batik fabrics. Yes, I’ve used a lot on the Wedding Quilt, but I still have enough for several more queen-sized quilts! (I may be exaggerating a little, but then again, I may not!) After a bit of searching I found the website of the designer, Tiffany Hayes, where one can purchase the patterns for the BOM. This sounded like a marvelous compromise, so I purchased it. I can’t wait to start! But I will try to exercise a little discipline. After all, I have a quilting studio to clean up and three other BOM quilts to complete. And the church quilt to get onto the frame for hand quilting. And the Wedding Quilt to hand quilt.

Yes, I have my work cut out for me. And lots of fabric to use up! So maybe I’d better

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “Future Plans

  1. Yikes, I went to the website and the pattern is still $70 plus shipping, steep! I’ll have to put it on my Christmas list :))) I’m glad you found it as I was saying before I didn’t want to buy more fabrics either. Thank you for sharing it!
    Good luck with your plans Gretchen, you’re up to your neck with your to-do list! :)))

  2. I love the Asteria pattern. I also saw the fabrics and drooled but did not buy. I can’t imagine having a quilt in the very same pattern with the very same fabrics as untold numbers of other quilters. Your plan of using the pattern with your own fabric selections is much better. Your quilt will have your own take on it and, no doubt, yo will absolutely love it.

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