Good Grief!

Here it is Saturday, and I’ve never shown you last weekend’s football sewing results! Shame on me!

In case you are new or you don’t remember or I haven’t mentioned it before, I like to hand piece sometimes. And this time of year most of the hand piecing happens during football games. Football games are great for hand piecing, because most of the time you can listen while piecing and then look up for the actual plays and go back to piecing while you listen between plays. So I get more hand piecing done during college football season than most of the other times of the year.

So here is the result of last weekend’s hand piecing.

I finished the Block 9 of the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM. Here are the before and after pressing pictures.

IMG_3344 IMG_3348

Then I started Block 9 of the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM:




Next up are some flying geese.

Then on Wednesday night I finished the first block (the largest one that will be in the center) of my nephew’s (and niece to be’s) wedding quilt. The pattern is Starfield by Sew Scattered but I need to come up with a way to make it queen-sized. Current thoughts are more white space, more of the green (but in my version it will be blue) stars or a flying geese border (or some combination of those).  Anyway, here is the finished block:


When I posted this on Facebook, the very first person to comment on it was the bride and she loves it. So far so good. (All of you who commented and liked this, thank you so much!)

Tonight I worked on making the HSTs for four more stars for this quilt. Next will be the flying geese for those same blocks. I’ve been using Kimberley Einmo’s EZ Flying Geese ruler for the HSTs and the flying geese. I am finding that it goes pretty quickly. Of course, it means I don’t get to use the laser on my sewing machine like I would if I were sewing squares to the rectangle, but there’s less waste this way.

Okay, I’ll try to do this weekend’s update earlier in the week!

Quilt on!

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  1. Your BOM block is really pretty Gretchen! And the wedding quilt will be amazing, that block looks fantastic already! Can you make it as a medallion quilt?

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