Goodies from The Quilt Bear

Just so you know, this is not an advertisement for The Quilt Bear! Honest! My next post is an advertisement for Craftsy, but this is just a raving post about the wonderful service I have enjoyed from this company!

The Quilt Bear had a Stuff Your Stocking event during which a different bundle was offered each day for 12 days. I managed to hold off for the first 11 days but by the 12th day (which was a  grab bag of items worth at least $100 for $50), they got me! So I ordered that day’s stocking stuffing. It arrived earlier this week. When I pulled it out of the box it looked like this:


Each item in this lovely bag was wrapped separately like a Christmas gift, so I had a great time opening all the items. (I apologize for the less than perfect pictures. I was more excited about opening the gifts than about taking perfect pictures.)

First came this gorgeous apron kit.


Next up was this magnetic pin cushion. I’ve been looking at these but not buying for a couple of years now, so I was tickled to open it. IMG_2459

Next came this cuddle fabric! It is soooo soft!


Then there was this note pad.


Here is a close up of the quilty picture at the bottom.


Bag patterns which will come in handy as I am hoping to start making some bags soon.


I am not exactly sure what wine shades are (well, I have a pretty good idea now that I’ve seen this pattern sheet), but I can make them now!


I had to take this picture of the wrapping on one of the gifts. It’s such pretty paper!


And this was inside it! I’m guessing a review of this will be forthcoming in the New Year.


Here is a Mystery Quilt pattern. Can I keep myself from looking at the whole thing before I start it?


Here is a box of metal bobbins. This is the only thing in the package that I can’t use since my Brother has its own ideas about the bobbins it requires.


And some 28 weight Aurifil! I am anxious to use this for some hand quilting to see how I like it.


And finally at the bottom of the bag, I got really lucky and found this! Inside is a $50 gift certificate for The Quilt Bear. Here comes the fun!


Thanks for bearing with me on this!

Quilt on!

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  1. Oh my sooo with the gift certificate it’s like it was Free! I just love Mary Jo don’t you? Matthew’s not be either! LOL have fun with your new gifts.

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