Happy Easter!

This is the strangest Easter in years since we are not home an are not going to church. We are dogsitting this gorgeous guy:


Because he misses his mommy so much, our method of dogsitting includes never leaving him alone while we are here. So, no church for us.

Part of visiting his mommy includes visiting and sleeping under this quilt:


I don’t usually sleep under a quilt that I’ve made because I haven’t yet made one for our bed. Maybe I should get on it!

I found my needlework bag a few weeks ago and took stock of what is in it. (This was part of the realization that I’m almost done hand piecing my BOMs – at least the ones that I was hand piecing.) Here’s some of what I found:

Jacobean Sampler – This one is unfinished mostly because I really don’t like embroidery. It came from a company called The Creative Circle that sold kits during home parties. I fell in love with the sampler, and I did start it. One of the reasons I quit was that I thought my satin stitch looked pretty bad. I was pleasantly surprised that I don’t still feel that way.


Next up are a couple of counted cross stitch items. The first is a Christmas cross stitch which still needs lots of work:

IMG_3869Next up is an alphabet that I started with the idea that I’d give it to the baby my sister was expecting and no one would expect me to knit the official Christmas stocking. (When my sister was expecting her first, my mom was very ill and asked me pointedly who would knit the baby’s stocking. I actually had to take it over to her house and knit in front of her to prove I was doing it. There’s a family pattern that is involved. My nephew’s is the biggest of all the stockings. For second nephew and second daughter, I hired it done. Carolyn kindly knitted my son-in-law’s stocking and is lined up for any grandchildren who come along.)

Anyhow, said nephew turns 29 next month. When I realized that I wasn’t going to finish it in a very timely manner, I put it away. Then I found out I was expecting and did a little more on it, but that baby just turned 28 so…

I misremembered how much I had gotten done and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was this much:


Sure, I have the rest of the alphabet to do, but this was about three letters more than I thought I had done! This may well become a quilt someday.

I’m hoping to complete block 12 of the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM today, so this may well be relevant very soon.

Quilt on!

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  1. I have an unfinished cross stitch piece from that same era. I believe I have more flowers done than you have letters, but it is an awfully big piece. Maybe I’ll work on it if I get tired of knitting!

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