May 10

Hearts of Flowers – Another Second Quarter Finish

Last night I finally finished hand sewing the binding onto this quilt waiting at church for my husband to finish his meeting (and watching some of Season 4 of Criminal Minds). Whew! Another finish!

In case you don’t remember, this quilt is for me!!!! I had been watching for a great pattern to use with my Kaffe Fassett Collective layer cake that would showcase the large prints. I fell in love with this pattern when I saw it with the Fat Quarter Shop Jolly Bar (their own Moda pre-cut) kit. I had to buy the Jolly Bar to get the pattern, which I was happy to do.

I’m calling this quilt “Hearts of Flowers” because “Hearts and Flowers” was too predictable and this name describes what it is. It’s a good thing it’s for me because it has a few issues (like a slightly puckered binding and a couple other minor issues caused by sloppily joining pinked edges to straight edges).

The hardest choice I had to make on this one was binding color. I asked for help on Twitter and Facebook, and the votes came in pretty much tied between the gray and black. Then one of my Facebook friends, Carole, said I needed to look at a book, Happy Endings by Mimi Dietrich, which she then brought over for me to see. (It turns out, I have a copy in the basement too.) I had also done the related Craftsy Class.  

In the end, I added a pale yellow folded flat piping and the gray binding. I considered covered cording instead of the piping but decided the piping might show up better.

Here’s the finished project:

IMG_1349   IMG_1352Quilt on!


  1. sharoneujones

    Such prettiness.

  2. Jaye

    Love it! And the name. I have some blocks I call Stars IN Stripes, because I am making the stars in striped fabric, so the pun is not lost on me. WOW! You are on fire this second quarter. Keep up the good work.

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