He’s a Keeper

And so is my sister, but we already knew that. At least since she grew up and is no longer an annoying tag-along little sister. 😉 (Love you, Sis!) Part of my Christmas gift from my sister was a box containing the following (along with a note that said it was just a quarter of her love for me – yes, she puns!):

IMG_1110It sounds like she enjoyed walking through JoAnn’s and picking up a little bit of everything.

Now on to the “keeper” mentioned in the title of this post. He is, of course, our future son-in-law. This was our first Christmas with him, although we already knew he was pretty good at gifting. (For our daughter’s birthday, he combined her love of the movie Donnie Darko with her snow globe collection and made her a Donnie Darko Snow Globe.) He actually made a leather belt for my husband and had all the tools with him to punch the holes so it fit perfectly. It is a very fine belt.

Here is my gift from him:

IMG_1111Three half yards of fabric which he went to a quilt shop and picked out all by himself! Don’t they look good together? I think I will make them a table runner or something for fall using this. (I loved the picture of him going into a quilt shop all by himself to pick these out.)

And that’s one of the reasons he’s a keeper!

Quilt on!

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