Hoop vs. Frame

I usually quilt in one of two large quilting frames – the church frame which was constructed many years ago from saw horses and 2 x 2s and my Grace Z44 which is one of those no baste frames. (After all, we all know I hate to baste. Well, if you didn’t, you do now.) I’ve only quilted in my hoop one other time, and that was a smaller quilt than the wedding quilt that is currently in the hoop.

My hoop is on a stand, because I’m a klutz and can’t hold a hoop and quilt simultaneously. Just can’t.



Now, the church quilt frame lets us sit all around it, on all four sides, to be able to quilt in the direction that is most comfortable for us. (For me that is from right to left or toward myself, in case you were wondering.) My Grace Z44 only lets you sit on one side, so sometimes I have to sit at an angle in order to quilt in one of the directions that I find most comfortable. My rolling swivel office chair is great for this.

But using a hoop is a little bit different. I can rotate the hoop (although it is sometime tricky with the big quilt on it). I move the hoop and the chair doesn’t need to move. That’s something new and different for my hand quilting. Also new is the fact that I have to move the quilt in the hoop because, of course, it is smaller than a frame. This makes me feel like I’m making faster progress than I really am. Which is kind of fun.

And those are some of the differences between frame and hoop. And gratuitous quilt pictures.

Quilt on!

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  1. This is interesting. Different strokes, eh. Very few people I know hand quilt now if they ever did. It’s great you have options suited to different needs.

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