How the Weekend Quilting Went

I can start this by using just one word: slowly!

Somehow I managed to decide that the best way to quilt Scrap in a Box was to quilt every single seam. Remember, this block is set on point and the setting triangles have lots of pieces too. Yeah, this looks like a lot of work. (Also note the puckering in the narrow border there. Grrrr!) Yes, this is a lot of quilting. It takes about a half hour a block now that I’ve figured out a pattern for doing it. This will take weeks! Or at least so many days that I won’t get the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM completed if I wait to put the borders on after I’ve finished quilting it. I may need to rethink my idea about waiting to finish it and get the borders on and that quilt sent to the longarmer. I really want both of these done by the end of the year. (Of course that may not be possible anyway if all my local longarmers are taking time off or are slammed right now.

One problem I’ve run into while working on the quilting is that every once in a while the large quilt bumps into the touchscreen on my machine and changes the stitch to a zigzag. This has happened twice now. The first time it happened, I dutifully took the stitches out and requilted the line. The second time, I just left the stitches in and reset the machine. After all, if the quilt really wants some zigzag, I figure it deserves a few special stitches. And we all know that I’m lazy.

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “How the Weekend Quilting Went

  1. i feel your pain! i’m in exactly the same place with a wedding quilt(the wedding was three and a half years ago and i was trying to get this sucker to them for christmas!) mine is queen size, on point and i’m just doing a giant cross hatch which is almost every single seam and i isn’t cooperating…….

  2. This is good practice using your machine. Perhaps put a pink post it note on your machine when you change to zigzag?

    • It isn’t always changing to zigzag. Sometimes the laser comes on. It’s just an adventure. Only a couple more rows to go though.

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