I Am Still Alive and Kicking

Yep, I am still hanging in here. I have even been doing some quilting and have a finish (and am very close to another. Honest.

I’ve been hand sewing the binding to the back of Lone Star Explosion and it is now washed and finished. Stay tuned for its official finish post.
Then I moved out of my comfort zone and did a bit of fused appliqué. This is a small wall hanging for the church auction.

Carolyn saw this wall hanging in an LQS and told me that if I made it for the auction, she’d buy it. So I was trapped. Here it is all ready to quilt.

I am currently in the process of finishing the binding on this and will post some finished pictures in a day or two.

Up next this weekend is my Saturday Sampler block since Saturday, Monday and Tuesday are block pickup days.

What have you been doing?

Quilt on!


2 thoughts on “I Am Still Alive and Kicking

  1. I love it when you are sewing a lot. I hope the wall hanging made a tidy profit for the church. I am glad you are sewing a lot. I am trying to keep up my momentum, though it does seem like I will never finish the En Provence quilt.

    • I am trying to get back to sewing more again. I too like it when I’m doing a lot of sewing. It just seems like the last week or so there hasn’t been much.

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