I Have NOT Disappeared

Apparently, I have allowed myself too much of a break here. Sigh. The last couple of weeks have been filled with family stuff (a lovely long visit from our eldest and the grand dog) and making items for the church auction which is tonight.

Here’s what I’ve been making:

While dealing with incredible guilt for not having been able to complete the hand quilted quilt for our auction, I decided to whip up a Diamond Dash quilt with a layer cake of Fete de Noel fabric for the auction. Because I wasn’t sure it would get back in time for the auction if I sent it out to a longarmer, I quilted it with straight line quilting. (Note: if you are quilting with bamboo batting, trim as much of it off as you dare to start with because it ends up all over the top of the quilt if you don’t!) Here are a few pictures:



IMG_3464The quilting on this was kind of minimalist – I just didn’t have time to try anything fancy.

Next up in auction quilting is a set of placemats (4, although only three are pictured here) from a panel and a bowl cozy and potato cooker to match. (Note: Amazing Amy likes chickens a lot so there is a sure buyer for this.)



I also used some Captain America fabric and some Tula Pink (at least I think all the pieces were Tula Pink) to make two more sets of a bowl cozy and a potato cooker.






That may be all the sewing I do for a while since we are getting ready for a very fun trip. I won’t say where we’re going but the initials are DW!

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “I Have NOT Disappeared

  1. Sometimes we all need a break. I hope the auction went well and I know you will have a lot of content when all the live stuff gets done.

  2. Hope the auction went well and I’m jealous of your trip! One of my fave DW moments was getting ‘stuck’ in Epcot’s Germany with a glass of wine and new found quilting enthusiasts during a rain storm.

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