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I know that you are waiting for eye candy from the AQS Grand Rapids show. I fully intended to post each evening I was there, but by the time I got back to my room, I had no energy left. So, you had to wait until now.

Let me just start the parade of posts with the post about everything I did and bought (and the gorgeous fabric that was waiting for me when I got home). Then we can move on tomorrow to the quilts I plan to share.

First off, I got to meet up with Nonnie from Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams blog and podcast and Vicki from My Creative Corner 3 and her mom. Here’s the photographic proof!

Nonnie and I standing in front of Christa Watson’s quilt! Can you tell that I don’t take selfies very often.
Here’s Vicki in front of the quilt she and a group of friends made and entered into the show. I don’t have the picture of the three of us so you’ll have to check it out from her!I already wrote about the New York Beauty class I took with Toby Lischko. Except that I didn’t mention what class I took or who taught it. Let me just recommend a class with Toby because all the helpful hints were worth just as much as the class itself! Yep. I said it.

On Thursday I had a class with Susan Cleveland on alternatives to free motion quilting. I also attended her evening lecture. Both were delightful and informative. Susan is a hoot!

Friday I attended Judith Baker Montano‘s lecture about her crazy life. This woman has lived one of the most interesting lives in history. If you ever get to attend one of these lectures – do it!

As I mentioned, more quilt pictures will come soon, but let me just show you pictures of my haul. I seem to have forgotten that I’m in a small space.

First off, I am apparently going to start some appliqué in a sort of big way. The pattern there is a Lori Smith pattern with both appliqué and pieced blocks. It is not a big project – those are four inch finished blocks! I picked up some Cherrywood fabrics and bias tape makers too.

Next up, thread. And other things. The top left corner are threads that Wonderful gave to people who attended classes. Then my Wonderful Invisifil sampler boxes which I purchased on Susan Cleveland’s recommendation. Next up, a 28mm Olfa rotary cutter for cutting around templates recommended by Toby Lischko. (I already had an 18mm cutter but it’s a bit small for multiple layers. Next a Klutz glove because I fear I’m just running risks all the time. And finally a binding winder that came for free with the purchase of my beautiful seam ripper and stiletto.And now the labels panel.

Then I picked up some really nice border fabrics and this pattern to make some table runners.

And the 60º triangle ruler to make them.
That’s all I purchased at the show, but before I left for the show I had made a couple of online fabric purchases, and they were waiting for me when I got home.

First, this came from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I have been trying very hard to avoid their daily deals but solid jelly rolls so frequently become sashing for me that I couldn’t resist. And the Flourish layer cake just sparkled at me. This batch came from Hancocks of Paducah, which had some amazing deals. I don’t think I paid more than $5.99 a yard for any of these and the panels were VERY reasonable.

First up, a couple of inspirational text prints.
Then some stunning batiks. And, in the best of both worlds department, batiks with metallic stars or snowflakes stamped on them. I’m not sure what drew me to these irises, but I think they were looking like part of a bag of some kind. Or borders. This panel is called “Back to School” and I just thought it was cute. And, last but not least, I bought seven of these panels to make a One Block Wonder sometime in the near future. All my favorite colors and metallic too!

And that is the end of the conspicuous consumption section. Next up, quilts!

Quilt on!

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  1. NICE HAUL … did not get very much as I had plan to buy on the second day and I did not get back to the show…. Love the BACK TO SCHOOL PATTERN and the LABEL panel… Who are they buy cause I might have to search on line for those….. NONNIE
    PS… thanks for the shout out…. I had fun on the day you were there… always fun to SHOP with a friend.

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