I Succumbed to the Craftsy Sale!

Yes, I did. I try not to buy kits, but I bought three yesterday. Three!!!!! Here are links to the kits I bought so you can see how much I caved.

First, I bought a Judy Niemeyer kit. It was a pretty good sale price and I really liked the colors. Here’s a link and the picture.

Next, I purchased another kit I’ve had my eye on the 2016 Summer Amish Medallion Block of the Month.

And finally, I bought a knitting kit. I am not sure if I’m actually knitting this myself or begging/bribing Carolyn to do it for me, but it is a shawl I really like. So.

None of these links are the kind that benefit the blog. I just wanted to share my foolishness!

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “I Succumbed to the Craftsy Sale!

    • I would like that, but I’m saving my knitting begging for Christmas stockings in case grandchildren magically appear. We have a family knitted pattern that she kindly made for my son-in-law when he joined the family. I know how to knit. I just don’t like it. But I could suck it up and go for it.

  1. Yeah, that Judy Niemeyer one caught my eye too. And I’m signed up to the Amish medallion, but using my own fabrics. One day when I start that is 🙂 I love the colors on that one as well. Good luck with the knitting project, it’s a pretty shawl!

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