It’s So Quiet!

We have just enjoyed a delightful visit from our eldest daughter and her beloved dog (which also brought the youngest and her husband over a couple of times to visit) and now the house feels empty and quiet. Sigh. You’d think it would be easier knowing that we’ll all be together at DW in a little over a week. Sigh. But it does feel a little too quiet. Oh well, we’ll get used to it again.

The auction was a great success. It was well planned, there was lots of variety, and the auctioneers were hysterical. I think a great time was had by all. This is one of my favorite activities of the year, though, so I may be biased.

In my last post, I meant to show you a couple pictures of my helper as I sewed, but I forgot so here are a couple pictures of him helping me sew:IMG_3458


And here he is as his mama started packing up this morning:


Yep, we are fond of the grand dog.

Quilt on!