La Passacaglia Progress

I feel good about the progress I made during football watching. I got the wreath attached and all ten stars made.

img_4962 img_4964

That took until after the end of the game. Which is a good thing because I have not yet cut the diamonds to go between the stars in that wreath. I haven’t even chosen the fabric yet. I haven’t even really made up my mind whether I want to stay with the pink focus from the star centers (the points are a deep grapey purple, by the way) or go back to the greens and blues or what. Here are some of my fabric auditions for those diamonds.img_4965

This is the same fabric as the centers.img_4966

A little orange and white.img_4967

Not feeling this one at all. img_4968

Maybe if I fussy cut to get mostly the orangey centers…img_4969

Not a fan of this purple thing at all.

img_4970Not quite as bad, maybe.


Maybe if I’m staying with the reddish orangeish this might be a winner.img_4972

This is the same fabric as that wreath. Too much of a good thing.img_4973

I actually kind of like this one. Not sure why. If only there were a bit more blue.img_4974

Here it is closer up.img_4975This might be a little too dark.


Maybe more red than I wanted, but maybe not.img_4977

I’m not a fan of this one, either. Maybe the pink/orange route is a better way to go.

What do you think?

Quilt on!

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