Labor Day Sew-In Update

I sort of started my Labor Day Sew-In on Thursday night by hand piecing while watching the Michigan – Utah football game. Football is so great for hand piecing because you can look up for the plays and replays, but you can sew while everyone is just talking. During the football game, I got 8 of these done for the the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM:


Friday afternoon was our church hand quilting meeting. It was just Amy and me for that, but I got the crosshatching in one pineapple completed.


Saturday I was starting to get sick (thanks to my very generous DH), but I did get downstairs to do a little more hand quilting. I finished the green parts of the leaves and the outline of the pineapple, although I took this picture before I quite finished the last green line.  (I also pressed Scrap in a Box and some borders to add but took no pictures.)


Sunday I had absolutely no energy. Didn’t go to church. Didn’t read. Didn’t sew. Binge watched Criminal Minds and took a nap. Blew my nose a lot.

Yesterday, I did some of the feathers around the pineapple.


Then I did some more hand piecing for the 2011 Designer Mystery Block.

Four of these:


Four of these:


And four of these:


Yep, not much more to do to finish this block! But I did run out of steam there, so either I’ll do it during Saturday’s football game or I’ll do it sooner. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Quilt on!

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  1. I am so sorry you are sick and hope you feel better soon. I am so thrilled that you are getting the BOM done. I can’t wait to see the whole block!

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