Labor Day Sew-In Wrap Up

Yesterday being Labor Day here in the States, we had a virtual Labor Day Sew-In (#LDSI). I actually sewed a little. Then the rest was prep of various sorts.

First, the sewing. On Friday evening, I sewed bandanas for the two granddogs to wear to show their University of Michigan pride. (Yes, I went to Michigan State, but since I never paid attention to sports when I was there & married a Michigan fan whose grandfathers both were professors and his father taught in the English Language Institute while it still existed & he had been a Michigan football fan since the age of 6 – well, let’s just say my attempts to push MSU on the girls did not take, and I eventually decided to cave.) IMG_4953I found some patterns on the internet, but I really only used them to decide what size to make the square before I cut it in half. I figured that making them reversible (the back is a solid maize) would be quicker than hemming them. I’m pretty sure I was right.IMG_4954And here is Loki modeling his. I still have Benson’s here, so I don’t have any pictures of that adorable guy in his bandana. Sorry.

The original plan had been to try and get the first rosette of La Passacaglia prepped on Friday night also so I could hand stitch on that during college football games on Saturday, but I just ran out of time. I realized that I needed too much time to learn more about how to use Inklingo so that the prepping would all go smoothly and I wouldn’t waste as much fabric. So, instead of sewing, I went through more magazines to dismantle them and save the patterns I want to keep. I did that during Saturday and during free time on Sunday, and I didn’t even make much of a dent in the piles. AAAAAAAARGH!

And, during Labor Day itself, I got started for real on the La Passacaglia prep. I do not picture myself as an English paperpiecer – although the patterns appeal to me and I like handwork, something about it just screams “Gretchen, this is not for you!” Inklingo, on the other hand, allows me to just do regular piecing. By hand or machine. So first I figured out what I would need to pring and then I got started. I printed the test swatches on my fabric (except the dark solid), and then I got to work on the dark E triangles. I have 84 of those completed and want to do 16 more so that I have one hundred. (Sorry, no pictures. Dark purple triangles. Not exciting.)

Today I am hoping to get the other pieces cut for at least one rosette so that I can stitch this evening when I drive DH to his meeting and watch Criminal Minds on Netflix. Maybe there will be pictures tomorrow.

Quilt on!

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  1. I look forward to hearing more about your Inklingo adventures. I am looking for appropriate fabrics to fussy cut. Plus I have a ton of other projects to finish, so starting anew one isn’t a priority. Seeing the quilts on FB is somewhat daunting.

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