Labor Day Sew-In Wrap Up

I’ve been seeing other people’s wrap up posts about the Labor Day Sew-In this year and figured I’d add my own, pitiful as it is.

This is the list that I started with:

  1. Some handwork on the Wedding Quilt (of course).
  2. Finishing paper piecing the five pointed star I was working on.
  3. Preparing the paper pieces and the fabric for the Christmas Tree Skirt lovely eldest daughter, maybe even cutting some fabric.
  4. Maybe paper piecing another five pointed star – I need three.
  5. Maybe (if my hand holds out) hand piecing some BOM blocks during the Michigan game on Saturday.

And here are my results:

  1. Never touched the wedding quilt.
  2. Finished paper piecing the five pointed star. IMG_1447
  3. Preparing the paper pieces and cutting fabric for the Christmas tree skirt – never even started. That was going to happen in the basement quilting room and after Friday night my knee and ankle hurt too much to do the stairs safely.
  4. Maybe paper piecing another 5 pointed star – nope. See above.
  5. Maybe hand piecing some old BOM blocks during the Michigan game. Yep, I managed to work on one block, but not finish it. I will most likely finish it this week and cut another one for next week.

And there you have it. What I really did mostly (when not visiting with precious family) is read. I managed to read the entire The Hunger Games Trilogy over the course of the weekend. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually read a book in one sitting (which I did with Catching Fire) and that is actually my preferred way of reading so that was fun.

I hope you did more with your Labor Day Sew-In projects than I did with mine.

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “Labor Day Sew-In Wrap Up

  1. The star is beautiful! I can’t believe you read the whole trilogy in a weekend! Loved those books. The movie was good too.

  2. I’m sorry you are suffering, I hope your pain eases soon. I’m glad you found some satisfying things to do with your time!

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