#LDSI Results

This weekend being a long weekend with a Monday national holiday here in the US, there was a Twilter Labor Day Sew-In. And this time, I got to participate a bit. I started on Friday and here are the results by day.

Friday afternoon Christmas tree skirt paper piecing:


That was all the sewing that happened on Friday.  Then came Saturday. Football games are perfect for hand piecing because you can listen to everything being said and then look up for the individual plays or replays. So, I worked on the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM Block Five. Here’s one of the sections (I should finish this block tomorrow evening when I drive DH to his rehearsal and wait for him there):


Saturday evening I finished paper piecing these sections of the Christmas tree skirt and started to take out the paper:


Sunday was a pretty busy day so all I accomplished was tearing out the rest of the papers.

Monday I had more time. I had unrealistic visions of quickly putting together all of the paper pieced sections and finishing the Christmas tree skirt. Yeah, right. First I had to put these together (and I confess that I had to unsew at least half of them at least once to get the one seam that had to match up correctly matched):


Then I took a break for dinner and came back (after a quick ride on the stationary cycle) to put the next sections on. Now I have eight of these:


Now that #LDSI is over, this week will be full of the usual plus some hand quilting on the church quilt, hand piecing while waiting for DH, and eventually back to the Christmas tree skirt and some curved piecing as I add the flying geese.

How about you?

Quilt on!

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