Let’s See Some Pictures of Quilts!

Last weekend was the Greater Ann Arbor Area Quilt Guild’s Biannual Quilt Show. This is the quilt guild I would join if I were a joining person, but that really is a post for another day. I promise. Someday. Really.

Let’s look at some of the quilts!

First, here are pictures of the three Gypsy Wife quilts from the show. After each is a picture of the information card that went with it. Yes, they challenged each other. Feel free to guess which one I like best. (Sorry about the blurriness. I don’t know what happened.)

IMG_4315 IMG_4316  IMG_4328 IMG_4329 IMG_4330 IMG_4331

I’m including the official cards for those of you who like to read the quilters’ statements. I really enjoy that part of quilt shows.

Let’s look at some more!

This next quilt is not done in my favorite colors, but I am quite fond of the design.

IMG_4307 IMG_4308

Now we get to a few with the brighter colors that I love so much!IMG_4309 IMG_4310

IMG_4317 IMG_4318 IMG_4319 IMG_4320    IMG_4324 IMG_4325 IMG_4326 IMG_4327I’ll get some more pictures posted before I head to my third quilt show of the summer where I get to meet up with some of my favorite people!

Quilt on!